What Do the Holidays Look Like For Orphans & Vulnerable Children?

Let me paint a picture for you.

54 kids living at an orphanage. The holidays are just around the corner.

While most people are preparing for time with family, going to church, opening gifts—it's hard to think of these kids not having a family during the holiday season.

So, you might picture these kids alone in the orphanage on Christmas.


But what if the orphanage was empty on Christmas day?

What if almost all the children left the orphanage to go see their families over the holidays?

Would you be shocked? Surprised? Would you begin to question why these children are in an orphanage in the first place?

All of these questions are completely valid.


Here's the thing—this is a true story.

Every year, orphanages worldwide are almost empty on Christmas Day.

These children have families—but are not living with them. For reasons like conflict or poverty, kids are often separated from their families and placed in institutions.

But wouldn't it be the best Christmas gift for these kids to receive the love of their family—year round?


That's the gift that we are seeking for every child who is in the care of an orphanage.

And we'd love for you to help us give that gift of family...


Jump Into #GivingTuesday Today!



It's Giving Tuesday—and we'd love for you to join 1MILLIONHOME for this season of generosity.

This year, we've got a special opportunity for you to show your support for family reunification!

We are giving away 150 1MILLIONHOME special edition t-shirts for those who donate at least $30 for Giving Tuesday. 

This shirt is our rallying cry, that we will not leave kids across the world as orphans—we’ll fight to get them home.




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